A generational shift toward a completely distributed workforce is happening in front of our eyes. More than any time in history we are now challenged to provide fast, secure and easy connectivity to our workforce. But, designed in the ‘60s, the Internet’s inventors never envisioned the needs of the 21st-century enterprise. Our enterprises have gone from centralized, to hub-and-spoke, to distributed cloud enterprises. We now expect a significant number of our employees to work remotely indefinitely and data and applications to continue migrating to multiple clouds. As a result, our core centralized, hardware-heavy, and IP-based paradigms for networking and security are fast becoming obsolete. To enable and support this modern enterprise, CIOs must cost-effectively deliver reliable, performant, secure connectivity among offices, remote users, data centers and cloud services.

Ananda Networks is turning the problem on its head – we are rebuilding the network from the ground. We are converging the key security and networking aspects into a single layer that doesn’t require any hardware deployment and makes the network up to 25x faster, fully secured, and managed with the same ease of use as creating a Slack channel.

Ananda's distributed SASE network fabric


How we uniquely connect your distributed workforce

We’ve built the first virtualized, distributed network that can connect all nodes securely and optimally, regardless of their physical location or network configuration – whether they are in the same datacenter, cloud, nearby city, or across the world! There is no need to backhaul traffic or force it to go through a potentially much longer route as is the case with existing solutions that rely on centralized gateways. Ananda’s 100% software solution allows you to use commodity hardware to achieve optimal results.

Distributed SASE fabric
Centralized solutions such as firewalls, VPNs, SD-WAN, and SASE backhaul traffic or force it through their own, finite number of data centers. Ananda’s architecture is distributed and allows organizations to build their own networks that optimally and directly connect any two nodes without any traffic backhaul and without entrusting their traffic to a third party.
Cloud managed SASE service
Ananda Networks is fully cloud-managed. You can use the Ananda cloud control plane to define multiple private, virtual networks (“V2LANs”) connecting your users, devices, servers and cloud services. Ananda software clients or gateways communicate with the cloud to retrieve the network setup and security settings, determine optimal connectivity between the nodes, and upload log information.
Software defined network
Legacy networking and security solutions require hardware appliances, driving complexity, deployment time, and cost up. Hardware also puts the burden of scaling, maintenance, and backup availability on the administrator. Ananda can be deployed in minutes as pure software agents running on the endpoints, or on any virtual or physical gateways.
Authentication and authorization
Before a user can gain access to the Ananda network and initiate a
connection, the Ananda cloud-based control plane first authenticates and authorizes the user. No unknown traffic
is allowed on the Ananda network, and every packet subsequently traversing the network is carrying an identity. Ananda integrates with major enterprise identity management systems to provide ease of use and SSO.
End-to-end network security
Connections over private Ananda networks are encrypted end-to-end. Any two nodes establish their own secure lightweight tunnel and no other party has visibility into the communication between the two nodes.
Zero trust network access
Unless explicitly authorized by the
Ananda control plane per the policies set by the organization, no connections are allowed on the network and no ports are open on any individual member device. This reduces your network attack surface to virtually zero.
Network acceleration
Ananda’s network establishes lightweight ad-hoc tunnels between any two nodes that leverage advanced, faster communication protocols that provide significant performance boost compared to legacy VPN protocols.
Route optimization
Ananda leverages machine learning to determine whether for any two nodes on the network it is advantageous to route network traffic through any one of hundreds of NitroTM relays. If it determines that doing so provides better link speed or quality, Ananda dynamically spins up a NitroTM relay to affect a superior connection. This method improves on the Internet’s routing both in terms of connection speed and connection reliability. And since Ananda is using multiple cloud providers, even if there’s a localized issue with a certain cloud providers, carrier, or region, it can use another to provide the greatest resiliency. Switching over does not disconnect your connection because it’s seamless to the Ananda overlay network.
Network visibility
Ananda logs all network activity to provide complete visibility to the enterprise.
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