Connecting IOT AND EDGE

Industrial IoT solutions, ICS/SCADA are very sensitive and require highly secure and reliable connectivity for remote management and for data acquisition. With Ananda's cloud-managed, 100%-software approach, industrial devices and sites can be connected within minutes, while ensuring the strictest traffic segmentation and the highest levels of speed and reliability. When using Ananda, many customers choose to forgo more complex, costly, and less efficient solutions, such as MPLS, SD-WAN and VPN.


Below are the key considerations when building a network of IoT or OT devices.


VPNs and other legacy methods expose your sensitive network to a large attack surface. With Ananda:

  • Our unique zero-trust network access (ZTNA) means access is only allowed to specific devices and applications
  • Private access is provided over a "dark" network that is essentially invisible to the outside world
  • Mirco-segmentation is built into the network, not allowing lateral movement that is key in attack and exploitation of IoT systems


OT/IoT deployments typically require a lot of effort from IT to design and put in place the required connectivity to the edge, the cloud, or the data center. Multiple tools are typically used, such as VPN, SD-WAN, or MPLS. With Ananda:

  • Performance and reliability are built into the network and doesn't require additional solutions to be put in place
  • AI-based route and protocol optimization provides superior link speed and reliability
  • The network is self-optimizing, providing an automated optimal connection at all times


Connecting highly distributed devices while keeping a high level of security, performance, and reliability is difficult and can take weeks and months to implement. With Ananda:

  • Deployment can be done in minutes, not weeks
  • Ananda's self-organizing, self-optimizing network saves work and allows devices to be moved around without requiring any reconfiguration
  • No hardware is required
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