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Enable the work from home future
As employees are increasingly working remotely or working from their homes, businesses are presented with a slew of security and connectivity issues. Ananda delivers strong zero-trust private networking functionality, avoiding legacy VPN and RDP vulnerabilities and risks, while also delivering a superior networking experience, including much higher speed, reliability, and ease of use. Ananda's networking capabilities, such as its routing and protocol optimizations were previously only achievable via expensive, hardware-based SD-WAN equipment. With Ananda, users working from home can enjoy better networking using a simple, software-based solution.
As enterprise go global they need to connect users and devices in multiple locations to applications running in their data centers or clouds, and do so securely and efficiently. Ananda allows connecting multiple sites with the highest levels of performance and security. Through highly intuitive, cloud-based management, a pure software implementation, and overlay network technology that requires no changes to the underlying network equipment or configuration, Ananda allows multiple users and sites to be connected in minutes.
Industrial IoT solutions, ICS/SCADA are very sensitive and require highly secure and reliable connectivity for remote management and for data acquisition. With Ananda's cloud-managed, 100%-software approach, industrial devices and sites can be connected within minutes, while ensuring the strictest traffic segmentation and the highest levels of speed and reliability. When using Ananda, many customers choose to forgo more complex, costly, and less efficient solutions, such as MPLS, SD-WAN and VPN.
Connecting users anywhere to cloud resources - IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS -- requires fast, reliable, connectivity and strict confidentiality. Ananda Networks enables companies to connect to their clouds with higher speed, advanced zero-trust security, and without the need for complex and costly dedicated connections, legacy VPN, or SD-WAN.
As an advanced SASE solution, Ananda can replace the need to utilize complex and costly solutions, such as MPLS, SD-WAN, or MPLS. Ananda offers private networking and high performance and link quality over standard network links.
Numerous hardware networking and security solutions are required to connect a distributed enterprise. Ananda allows for the consolidation of multiple solutions in one, eliminating unnecessary hardware, while also minimizing IT deployment and maintenance time and enhancing employee productivity.
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