“We have been able to improve productivity by providing better connectivity to our remote teams”
— VP of IT, global technology company

The Challenge: Connecting Offshore Teams

A global tech company employs offshore, remote engineering teams. These teams need to get fast and secure access to development systems and resources located in the US, both in the company’s data center and on multiple public clouds, including AWS, Google, and Azure. However, remote engineers have been struggling to be productive due to cumbersome security and remote access tools, as well as the slow, laggy, sometimes unreliable connection, bogged down by legacy security tools, such as VPNs, and the low bandwidth and high latency as a result of the long distance and often poor remote infrastructure.

Security concerns have also lingered around the use of legacy VPNs, as these open up the corporate network to threats emanating from the remote users’ networks, and lately have been targeted for their many known vulnerabilities. A better tool was needed.

The company  spent weeks and months trying many different solutions, ranging from other VPN products, thru WAN optimization, to dedicated lines, but these introduced high complexity and cost and little improvement to the users’ experience.

The Solution

The company chose to start off with Ananda Networks by deploying it to one group of engineers. Since Ananda provides an overlay network there was no need to make any changes to the underlying IT infrastructure or to force all company employees to switch over to the new method. Deploying the Ananda Networks’ clients took just a few hours.

Once deployed, the end users saw an almost instant performance boost compared to their old tools. Access also became much more intuitive. Security posture improved significantly through the introduction of Ananda’s native zero trust and segmentation, making sure that remote employees only have access and visibility to specific machines and are not opening up the business to outside risks.

For the company, Ananda has saved significant cost in both product and manpower by eliminating the need to deploy multiple solutions, such as VPN, MPLS, WAN optimization, and firewalls, while achieving superior performance and security.

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