“In these times, we needed a solution that would allows our users
to connect from home with high speed and security”
— Head of IT, tech company

VPN: The Challenge

A tech company has employees across the world. These employees need to get fast and secure access to applications running on the company’s cloud servers in Asia, Europe and the US. Access to these servers includes administrative access for the DevOps teams, and remote RDP access for sales people who need to run customer demos. But users have been struggling to connect due to cumbersome and slow VPN and remote access tools. As more users are working from home during COVID-19, getting fast remote access is critical. Security is also an important factor, and the company had to make sure it is using encryption and strict access controls.

The company tested multiple different solutions, ranging from other VPN products, including OpenVPN, AWS Client Endpoint, AWS VPC peering, and even newer SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) solutions. Even with the most modern tools, deployment took a very long time and there was no substantial improvement to the performance or the overall user experience. From a security perspective, the VPN solutions did not provide a sufficient level of protection, as they opened up the network to traffic indiscriminately instead of locking it down to the specific applications that needed to be accessed.

“Deploying Ananda is mind-bogglingly easy”
— Head of IT, tech company

The Solution

After a several days’ effort to deploy several VPNs and a leading SASE solution that didn’t go well, the company deployed the Ananda client onto the users’ devices and the servers across the world. The DevOps team defined a private Ananda network whose members included employees worldwide and the company’s servers, essentially forming a secure LAN across the Internet connecting them all together. Within the hour, users were able to access the servers. Moreover, it was apparent that the performance was much faster, allowing users all across the world to smoothly use RDP and other services from wherever they are. When measuring the performance, speeds had been 5-10x faster, depending on the user and server locations. From a security perspective, the company was able to replace the old VPN that allows traffic to come in almost indiscriminately with a modern, zero-trust network access solution.

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