Maintaining the security of a highly distributed, cloud-based workforce is challenging. Legacy tools, such as firewalls and VPNs, are inefficient and fast becoming irrelevant. A new paradigm is needed.
Ananda allows administrators to easily set up private, invisible networks that are end-to-end encrypted and employ zero-trust principles, thereby minimizing your attack surface.

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What makes Ananda Networks More Secure?

Use Ananda Networks to securely and efficiently connect your modern enterprise

network encryption
Connections over private Ananda networks are encrypted end-to-end. Any two nodes establish their own secure lightweight tunnel and no other party has visibility into the communication between the two nodes.
zero trust network access
Unless explicitly authorized by the
Ananda control plane per the policies set by the organization, no connections are allowed on the network and no ports are open on any individual member devices. The enforcement is performed in a distributed fashion by each network node providing the highest granularity. This reduces your network attack surface to virtually zero.
Each Ananda private network is only visible to its members and is essentially invisible to anyone from other network or from the outside. Administrator to easily create isolated network segments for different user groups (e.g. sales, IT, DevOps) that minimize potential risk even from compromised users or devices. Segmentation applies to all traffic, whether a user or device is on the LAN or across the WAN.
contextual access
Granular access controls can be easily implemented by associating contextual access policies with your private network. Such policies can restrict access to certain times, geographic locations, operating systems, or query the device posture to ensure it is compliant prior to gaining access to the network.
network visibility
Ananda logs all network activity to provide complete visibility to the enterprise. Thanks to Ananda’s distributed architecture it can capture all traffic, not only traffic traversing a firewall gateway or proxy.
secure web gateway
In addition to providing private network access connecting remote users, branches, data centers, and clouds, Ananda can secure traffic as it leaves the network and goes to the WAN. There is no need to backhaul such traffic over a VPN anymore to the data center for inspection.  Ananda’s cloud service prevents users from accessing sites containing malware or other threats, prevents users from downloading files that may contain malware, and more.
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