As your workforce becomes more distributed, connecting them with high network performance and reliability is crucial for productivity. Ananda Networks allows you to connect your distributed workforce with much greater speed and reliability when compared to legacy solutions, such as VPNs, and even when tested against new generation SASE solutions. Testing conducted show performance increase of up to 25x along with lower latency and jitter.

Better network quality and speed

What makes Ananda Networks Faster?

Use Ananda Networks to securely and efficiently connect your modern enterprise

Ananda Networks provides order of magnitude better speed and link quality when compared to legacy VPN solutions, and sometimes even outperform the raw, unencrypted Internet. To do so, Ananda is reinventing some of our core networking concepts.

Eliminate backhaul
Security solutions often slow down your traffic. In addition to  encryption overhead, a VPN may force your traffic through the corporate network only to go out to the cloud and back, adding an incredible amount of latency; SASE solutions may force your traffic through their data centers across the country or state (and in some parts of the world, a different country) --  even if you are across the street from the server you are trying to access! Ananda is architected completely differently. By creating a distributed network mesh that can connect network nodes directly without forcing them through an intermediate gateway, Ananda can often achieve the shortest, fastest path from A to B.
Route optimization
Ananda leverages a vast, multi-cloud network of relays. It uses machine learning to determine whether for any two nodes on the network it is advantageous to route network traffic through any one of hundreds of Nitro(TM) relays. If it determines that doing so provides better link speed or quality, Ananda dynamically spins up a Nitro relay to affect a superior connection. This method improves on the Internet’s routing both in terms of connection speed and connection reliability. And since Ananda is using multiple cloud providers, even if there’s a localized issue with a certain cloud providers, carrier, or region, it can use another to provide the greatest resiliency. Switching over does not disconnect your connection because it’s seamless to the Ananda overlay network.
Protocol optimization
Many of the protocols we use on a daily basis were never designed for use over the WAN, as they are too “chatty” or unreliable. VPNs introduce tunneling protocols, such as IPSEC and OpenVPN, that slow down your traffic even further. Ananda makes use of modern, more efficient protocols, and also optimizes the payload protocols to make them more “friendly” to the WAN and essentially create a LAN over the WAN that allows these protocols over it.
Optimal SASE network
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