Ananda for
Managed Service Providers

Why Provide SASE as an MSP?

By 2023, 63% of global managed service providers (MSPs) will gain their revenue through digital business infrastructure services, according to a 2019 Gartner study. As customer infrastructure moves to the cloud and organizations become highly distributed, the old enterprise IT environment is shifting fast and MSPs need to come up with new solutions. New cloud-managed services, and SASE in particular, are a must if we are to stay relevant. After all, the legacy firewalls, MPLS, or SD-WAN are quickly becoming obsolete when users are working from home or accessing multi-cloud environments.

At Ananda we are reimagining the network itself, building it from the ground up for speed, security, and simplicity. With Ananda's unique SASE service MSPs can support customers digital transformation:

Easily connect customer distributed workforce in minutes, leveraging Ananda's cloud-based management portal and without the need to deploy any hardware

Enhance customer security by providing advanced zero-trust (ZTNA), micro-segmentation, and additional security services

Improve customer network performance and reliability

Save yourself and the customer the cost and time involved with acquiring and maintaining legacy hardware appliances or MPLS services

Provide a single, unified networking and security solution across on-premise, remote, cloud, or hybrid environments

Learn how you can innovate and deliver outcomes not previously possible for a wide range of scenarios:
- Allow easier, faster, and more secure connectivity for users working from home
- Deliver highly secure access for IT or DevOps personnel to on-premise and cloud machines or containers
- Provide employees or third parties with private connectivity and zero-trust access to corporate applications in the cloud or on-premise
- Connect critical manufacturing facilities securely and reliably
- Simplify and reduce the cost of secure connectivity, eliminating the need for hardware deployment, VPN, or MPLS, and other legacy solution

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