Until today, connecting your distributed enterprise required multiple security and networking solutions that are costly in hardware and software, as well as require a massive investment of weeks or even months in setup and maintenance. By shifting to a modern software-defined, cloud-managed approach, organizations can improve network performance and security, while saving up to 90% of these costs.

VPN alternative, SD-WAN alternative
Legacy networking and security solutions require hardware appliances, driving complexity, deployment time, and cost up. Hardware also puts the burden of scaling, maintenance, and backup availability on the administrator. Ananda can be deployed in minutes as pure software agents running on the endpoints, or on any virtual or physical gateways.
Boost productivity
VPNs and other legacy remote access tools are not user friendly and greatly slow down communications, making them an imposition on the users. With Ananda, users gets a seamless experience, and  better performance and link quality, while also ensuring the highest level of security and privacy.
Improve network flexibility
Old connectivity and security solutions required a great deal of planning and deployment time. For example, you may need to order an MPLS connection, deploy SD-WAN or VPN hardware, and configure the rest of the network accordingly to support this setup. With Ananda’s cloud-managed, software architecture adding another site or moving a resource to the cloud are virtually seamless.
Lower network cost
Legacy networks rely on MPLS services, MPLS or SD-WAN hardware, VPNs, and other components to achieve secure, reliable connectivity. These solutions are significantly more expensive compared to the kind of Internet connectivity we have all come to expect form our ISP. With Ananda, you can make sure of your commodity hardware and connections and achieve MPLS-like service levels.
Lower overhead
When using centralized solutions all traffic goes through a gateway (or through one of a number of data centers, with newer SASE solutions.) Having to backhaul all traffic, sometimes across the country, slows down your traffic and involves unnecessary costs.  Ananda’s distributed network fabric cuts down on unnecessary traffic backhaul.
VPN, SD-WAN, MPLS replacement
Connecting a distributed workforce requires many solutions to get connectivity, security, and satisfactory network performance. Additionally, different types of network traffic also require their own dedicated solutions: remote access traffic, branch-office traffic, cloud traffic, north-to-south Internet traffic, and LAN traffic. Ananda takes a holistic approach and handles and secures all types of traffic in a unified manner without the need for deploying numerous different solutions.
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